Traditional cleaning is the manual treatment of contaminated surfaces, where we can achieve great results by using adequate chemicals and contemporary equipment.

  • Daily and periodical maintenance of premises

  • General cleaning

  • Cleaning during and after construction work

  • Custom cleaning

  • Leather furniture cleaning treatment

  • Glass surfaces cleaning treatment /span>

  • Urgent cleaning


Supply of hygiene products Paloma and Kimberly Clark program.




Depending on the size of the premises and the surfaces to be processed, there are used different machines in size and strength.


Machining treatment of hard floor surfaces:

  • marble,

  • granite,

  • concrete,

  • ceramic tiles,

  • parquet,

  • laminate.



Machining treatment of soft floor surfaces on the spot:

  • carpets,

  • itison.


100 % CLEAN

Pro Vap + Gami Light

ProVap is the machine that achieves the highest hygiene standards, which is confirmed by the results in an independent scientific survey, which is based on decontamination of micro-organisms on examined surfaces. The level of purity, which is achieved by using dry steam is much higher, than the one that is achieved by traditional methods of cleaning. The machine is a steam cleaner that operates on the temperature up to 180C, under pressure up to 9 Bar, and with the power of 3000W by using disinfectant means

Air purification from micro-organisms and viruses in closed premises is achieved through the device called GAMI light. By using the forced flow of air from the room through the source of UV radiation in device, the purification of air is fully achieved and it is returned clean and safe in the room. Protection of UV radiation is derived by a special construction and it is possible to dwell in the premise during the process.